Some information about us and how we came to be..

We are a serving Armed Forces family owned company.

Gary has been shooting precision rifles inside the Armed Forces (Army, infantry) for over 12 years and 7 years outside of the Army.  His military and combat experience help him know what is needed to stand up to the rigours of use in the field. Our products are designed, prototyped and tested by him and our friends within the shooting community.

Truly making our products 'For shooters by shooters'

Gary had a batch of 3 rear bags (now the origin) made from his design back in 2014 from some multicam material for personal use. Other shooters asked if he were to make more so they could purchase them as would save money on going to overseas sellers. But at the time it was just not possible with work to make large runs of the product.

So in 2017 Laura came across my bag and decided to make a replacement as it had by now seen better days. With the material left she made a few extra and placed them for sale on eBay just to see the response. Within a day all 10 bags were sold which kick started the company and more bags began to be produced.

We have now been operating for just over two years and have grown hugely due to the support of our customers and friends within the industry and couldn't be more grateful for it.

Our product line, materials, designs and branding has come a long way since those early bags and we will continue to innovate new products as well as improving our existing products wherever we can.

Our aim is simply to provide shooters whether it be Hunters, Pest Controllers, Precision Rifle competitors or Military Snipers with the highest quality gear for their individual needs at an affordable price.

EST 2014