Highcountry Hunting is a Hunting focused side brand of Practical Precision UK.

Created to keep the hunting range of products an the Tactical/Practical products and branding separate as we are well aware not all hunters like the tactical look.

The same high standard of quality control achieved through making products ourselves by hand with the same high quality british made materials used in the tactical products with the addition of a selection of new ultra lightweight and heavy duty materials being used to achieve the lightweight robustness required for hunting hard.

We aim to sell these items in a far more bespoke customisable way than the tactical range offered through the Practical Precision UK website.

So if you want elasticated bullet holding loops added to your pro hunter sling no problem.
Need a bino harness in a different size/internal layout/colour ect.. no problem.

As well as the standard items being available in small batches in limited colour options (Coyote brown/ OD Green/ Multicam) on a first come first served basis via the website when added into stock (as a batch is completed) in limited quantities until gone.

But unlike the tactical brand of you need something different to the standard options or don’t want to wait for the next batch to be added to the website, you will be able to contact us via this page and we can work with you to create something one off to suit your needs from the standard templates.

Product range is currently looking to offer:

- Pro Hunter Rifle Sling

- Lightweight Rifle Cover (Waterproof)

- Belt Mounted 10 round Bullet Wallets

- 50 round Bullet binder

- Bino Harnesses

- Lightweight Compact Rear Bag

- Deer recovery/drag line

And possibly add to that next year a Ultra lightweight framed backpack for backpack style hunting and/or meat recovery.
With ample room to get a few days worth of gear as well as a rifle carry option and an external meat shelf to assist in recovering smaller animals or packing out quartered meat from larger beasts.

The product range is largely still at prototype level except for the Pro Hunter Sling and the Bino Harness but would expect the full range to be available from January 2020 with possibly some limited runs of some items before then once prototyping is completed to allow us to get feedback.