HCH Gripper Sling

Gripper Sling

For those that don’t want a more standard type sling with no additional straps dangling around but still want the rifle to stay still on the shoulder while walking around without constantly having to hold or re adjust the rifles position.

This sling has some length adjustment via the rapid adjuster loop, a 10” marine grade rubberised grip pad and a option for a sewn in 2 round holder for 6.5/308 upto .338lm. 

Built using the same high quality materials as the very popular pro hunter.
We also offer the pro hunter chest strap that can be attached or removed in a matter of seconds as an optional extra so you can go for the simplicity of the gripper sling or when needed the outright stability of the pro hunter.

Price £30

Optional extras:

Shell holder £5
Pro hunter chest strap £15
Attachments £7
Shell Holder
Attachment Type
Pro Hunter Chest strap